Therapy Departments

Physical Therapy:

Our licensed Physical Therapists focus on improving the coordination, balance, strength, endurance and joint flexibility to achieve optimum levels of functional mobility. Our goal is to advance the resident toward greater independence either unassisted or with an assistive device. Our therapists focus on educating families and residents. Education is an integral part of therapy and safety is priority. Our therapist design individualized treatment programs for injuries that can include:

Speech Therapy:

The goal of our licensed Speech Therapist is to restore the patients ability to communicate. They work on improving speaking, listening, reading, writing and problem solving skills. Speech Therapist are also able to assess, treat and manage swallowing difficulties. Speech Therapist focus on the following:

Occupational Therapy:

Our licensed Occupational Therapist focus on the physical and cognitive capabilities which are needed in activities of daily living. Our therapist devise a patient specific plan with emphasis on balance, strength, perception and cognition. Occupational Therapy may include any of the following: