Elder Abuse: Knowing the Signs


It can begin out of nowhere. A senior loved one has unexplained wounds, they seem withdrawn socially, and are show signs that they are not receiving proper care or hygiene. .

There are all types of elder abuse and it can come from any person in their life. Whether it is from a caregiver, a loved one, or a stranger, it is important to know the signs of elder abuse to protect your loved one from possible abusive situations. Abuse can occur in the home or at a care facility, and can be physical, emotional, sexual, or financial.

Be on alert; if something about your senior doesn’t seem right after they have hired a new caregiver or met someone new, it is important to always check in with them and observe signs something may not be right.

Signs of Elder Abuse

Some signs of elder abuse may seem obvious but they can go unnoticed if the senior is being isolated by the abuser or isolating themself. Be sure to keep the possiblity of abuse top-of-mind to be prepared to help in any situation.

A senior may be in an abusive situation if:

  • They seem depressed, confused, or withdrawn
  • They have been isolated from friends and family
  • They have unexplained bruises, burns, or scars
  • They appear dirty
  • They look malnourished
  • Their skin color looks grey and they appear dehydrated
  • They act over or under-medicated
  • Wounds are not properly dressed
  • They have had multiple uniary tract infections and if left untreated can lead to sepsis, kidney failure, and potentially life-threatening infection in the blood
  • They have bedsores or other preventable conditions
  • They have had recent changes in banking or spending patterns

If you fear your senior loved one is in an abusive situation, reach out to your state’s local adult protective services

If your loved on is living in a senior care community, it is important to know the staff and feel confident they are getting the very best care, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. For more than fifty years, Cleveland Health Care Center has exclusively served the geriatric population of Cleveland, Texas.  We hire compassionate caregivers who are able to identify the needs of our residents.  Our clinical team includes Certified Wound Care Associates, Registered Respiratory Therapists, RNs, LVNs, and CNAs. Our Dietary department features a Certified Dietary Manager as well as highly trained cooks and serving staff to provide meals in alignment with residents’ meal plans.

Care for our residents is our number one priority.  Whether your loved one is currently living with us or you are looking for the perfect new home for your mom or dad, we invite you to spend some time with us and tour our facility.

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